Have a Social Party on Your Webpage !

Any webmaster knows that random users are constantly finding their way onto your website from an assortment of sources.  Maybe they found you through a google search leading to your blog or a post signature within a forum.  But if they come to your website and they don’t see activity, they’re likely to view 1 or 2 pages and then leave.

Now, imagine the ability to instantly create an authentic social atmosphere within any page of your website.  I’m not talking about just having a one-on-one conversation with a user. I’m talking about the ability to run a live chat room which any visitor to your website can join.  The chat room widget that I’m talking about even allows you to post YouTube videos within a given chat.

Smart Twist on Using This Widget

A savvy webmaster would think of reversing the tables and tracking down every website which used this software and leaving appropriate links back to his/her own webpage.  The webmaster understands that it is really only likely that newer websites who were looking to grow their customer base (and potential partnerships) would use this widget.  Why you ask ? Well, imagine if this widget was on the main page of google. How do you think google would react to over a million people using that chat at once ? The idea is the widget is for websites that are trying to increase engagement of new users who they want to transfer to paying customers because they have the time to do so – unlike a website with a huge list of paying customers.

Naming Names

The name of the company that I’ve been referring to is RumbleTalk . When you visit the website, you should be able to see the widget actively working in the bottom right corner of the page. Open it up and test it out. You might like it.



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